College Application Essay Tips

While many would agree that acquiring a high school diploma could be considered as an achievement, a lot more may also contest that getting into college would become something that is more than just enough. However, as much as one would want to successfully land a slot in a decent university, institution, or college, chances are, he would also bump into the truth that getting there wouldn’t be as easy.

Given the complexities and stringency of college admission requirements and screening examinations, someone who is aspiring to get into college would truly find various college application essay tips a handy.

First, one should remember that being concise when writing his application essay would make his piece more appealing. Even though most universities and colleges only set a minimum essay word count limit, it does not mean that it is ideal to go far beyond the said limit. Aside from helping the evaluators when it comes to doing their jobs, the brevity of an essay also makes the message of the applicant easier to understand. Also, more than trying to impress the evaluator by using hifalutin words and lengthy paragraphs which are assumed to add flamboyance to the application essay, it is essential to convey an answer to a tricky essay question effectively.

This practice may be further extended up to the way one would write his essay. He may try to use precise words that would add vividness of the message he is trying to convey in his piece. Basic writing skills should also be done with the applicant’s awareness on his piece’s coherence, accuracy and “likeability.”

Second, it is a must to embed the applicant’s individuality in his essay for it makes the essay stand out over the others who also submitted similar essays on the same topic for the same university. It would help a lot if an applicant would try to add some pungency in his essay in order to estrange his essay away from the conformity that was set by the norm. Thus, one should keep in mind that just because it was the ideas that were often considered to be the “ideal” would not mean it would do so.

To become more illustrative on this matter, a teenager who is writing an application essay does not have to write from the perspective of someone whom he finds to be ideal for he may also write from the perspective of an ordinary teenager who has his own ideas and point-of-views. Also, the evaluator may as well appreciate an essay more if it would be written in a less mechanical and technical manner.

Lastly, it should be noted that no college application essays tips would set aside the fact that nothing is more important than remembering that honesty is the ultimate key to make an essay effective. Nothing would make the essay more valuable than owning it and not pretending that it is written by a perfectly framed student.

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