College Application Essay Writing

College education is the golden ticket to success. That was until über-rich magnates like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg defied it. Despite the statistics which you might see in Forbes’ billionaires’ listing where many college undergraduate executives made it to the top first pages, it is no secret that discrimination still abounds in the workplace, starting of course in the employment interview process.

The whole picture revolves around professional life and financial success, and that is your goal – the future. For aspiring college students, that future is the beginning. And that beginning is what you have to keep in mind upon your college application essay writing. With just one wrong move, the future that you made your beginning may be the end as well.

College application essay writing is as crucial as a final exam. It starts a student’s journey for a more promising life ahead. It determines your admission to your dream school or for a bigger price at stake, a scholarship. Many students fail to weigh the real value of an admission essay by filling themselves with plans, hopes and aspirations but would just fall short of expectations when placed in writing.

Many high school graduates confuse their contents in college application essay writing to that of a resume. This is especially true to applicants of Ivy League schools where everyone tends to outwit one another without realizing that majority of them is actually worthy of a slot. Despite this fact, less than 10% of them will make it to the first day of class. What makes the difference in college application essay writing?

Telling the panel of the college application essay writing that you are the best applicant among your batch by bombarding them with your past academic achievements and extracurricular records is more likely to give you negative points because at this stage of your vocation, telling does not commensurate to showing. And that is what matters in college application essay writing. Showing what you can and want to do deserve more points than what you did in the past. Move on. These are the big leagues; your ticket to NFL and NBA; a step closer to the marquee of Broadway; and a floor higher to that coveted executive office.

Your past academic records albeit impressive can only be used as inspiration for your college application essay writing to do more or probably change what is meant to be changed. They do not define you but you define them by proving that what you had are the things that you truly deserved, and those will be your foundation to make a change in the school you are aspiring to enter.

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