Essay Writing Made Easy

How to write essays?

Whether you belong to high school, college or a university one thing that you must have hated in most of your academic career is to write an essay. It is very instinctive to hate to write an essay as it involves complicated procedures of making research. Even you end up writing a good essay in your opinion you always end up getting a low grade for essay writing resulting in discouragement. So, what to do about writing an essay? Where to seek guidance and help as the result is always the same? Your worries are almost over now and as you will explore this article it will certainly make your essay writing task easier. Follow the guidelines below and you are on your way to writing an essay.

Research the Topic

Look for as many sources as you can. Go to a library and search for relevant books. Use the internet. Read articles in magazines and newspapers.


Create an outline. An outline is just a rough draft. It is like a road map of your essay. It will guide you through out your essay writing.

Begin to Write

After you have done all the hard work making research now it is time to use your findings in the writing form. Begin with an appealing introduction. Make sure the introduction is good enough to guide the reader about the topic.

Use Facts and Figures

Start providing relevant facts and figures to support your main thesis statement. Build logical arguments by providing facts. Avoid discussing any unnecessary details. Try to stick to the main purpose of essay writing through out.


Wrap up your essay writing by providing a solution to the main question. Give your suggestions and perspectives. Do not summarize the whole essay in the conclusion as you reader already know what your essay is about.


Revise your essay repeatedly. Look for any grammatical errors and correct them. Make sure that each and every word and sentence is well structured and coherent. If necessary use grammar checker software to ensure your essay is error free.

Follow the above guidelines and you are on your way to write an essay. Practice essay writing more often to gain certain degree of perfectionism. The more you practice essay writing the better you will become at it.

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