How to Write College Application Essay

Knowing how to write college application essay has always been easy. Contrary to what a lot of seniors belief, it does not really require an extravagant technique in writing or an ingeniously crafted organization of words. Though these may be helpful, one should notice that all that he needs is putting basic writing skills effectively into practice while adding some personality into it.

The first thing that one should do when writing a college application essay is to be familiar of the topic that was given by the university for the applicants. It would help if an applicant would try to do a little research about the topic, especially if making it necessities a broad awareness on various technicalities. If this is not the case, there is a huge possibility that the essay topic would be solely subjective and might work with the writer’s own aspirations, dreams, and assumptions- which for that matter, mostly boundless.
It is also important for someone who wants to learn how to write college application essay to know that after being familiar with the topic, one may try to expand the idea by creating an outline for the essay that he would write. If this would not work spontaneously, he may try to list keywords that are very much related to the topic that was given. After listing the keywords, the applicant may try to find connections between the words that he came up with. He may also try to eliminate words that he may not find useful while writing his application essay in order to come up with a more concise outline.

He may then create his final outline that he may use as a basis in creating the actual essay. It would be better if the outline would include more than just the words introduction, body or conclusion for they may prompt the applicant to deal with generalized ideas that may appeal dull to the person who would be reading it. Thus, it would be better if the contents would be drawn out from the generated words themselves.

The essay can be started using various creative writing techniques. However, it is not ideal to use it excessively for it might also make the essay too lengthy or worse, kitschy. It would be better if it would be started with statement that calls for attention and proceeds with words that expound the idea that the author wants to convey.

Various matters shall also be considered by the applicant such as the spelling and spelling consistency of the words, the effectiveness of the sentence structures that would be uses, the tone of the entire essay and its objective, the point-of-view that would be used, and a lot more technicalities. This may be done by critically proofreading the essay and constantly trying to improve it.

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