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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an idea that developed in Europe in the 18th Century, particularly with the movement of the Romans. It is the unauthorized use in part or as a whole of someone’s ideas, research, writing, artwork, music or other creative efforts and portraying it as though they are your own work without acknowledging the original owner. It is commonly referred to as intellectual theft. It is however not a crime with which one can be charged in a court of law and consequently imprisoned if found guilty. It is a moral offence.

Like every other sort of offence, plagiarism should be absolutely avoided. Plagiarism should be avoided because it discourages innovation. One strives very hard, cracks his mind up and about, engages in research and extensive consultation and finally comes up with a great product, one that the face of the earth has never witnessed. Shortly after, someone else imitates the product and starts reaping its benefits without giving the due credit to the original inventor. This is such a blow to the efforts put in by the inventor. He gets totally disillusioned and gives up on any further ideas he had of inventing other products. Any one who witnesses this also gets discouraged. In the long run, the world remains at stand still since no inventions are taking place. The old products in the world also get obsolete or depleted by and by.

Why is a plagiarized paper dangerous to a student?

In many educational institutions, plagiarism leads to suspension or even expulsion of students. This slows down and even cuts down on the number of skilled laborers that stream into the world job market. The future of many individuals is also greatly spoiled. This increases the crime rate. It also increases the level of drug abuse and immorality, which in turn increases the level of diseases and lowers the life expectancy of the world.

Plagiarism in the corporate world lead to huge monetary loss. A media house for instance that invests on sending journalists far and wide in search of news articles and documentaries, would incur great losses incase scrupulous journalists cheaply obtain the news articles and air them without giving credit to the source. This in turn leads to retrenchment of employees and subsequent joblessness.

Plagiarism also adversely affects the music and film industry. Nowadays, most middle level earners do not buy originally recorded music or films. Senseless dealers obtain the original copies and make unauthorized copies which they sell at a reduced price to the wide market. This robs the artists and the actors of their well deserved revenue out of their well directed great efforts.

In the fashion industry, plagiarism discourages creativity. A newly emerging fashionable designer does not last long in the market. It is shortly accompanied with duplicates made from cheaper material and hence going at a very competitive low price. The original creative designers soon run out of business. This effectively sees to it that no one bothers to come up with a far fetched wonder fashion.

Plagiarism is a parasite that slowly eats our heritage and should be relentlessly avoided. One should be allowed to feel proud of his originality and to reap its full benefits. It is very shameless to sit back and take credit on something one did not participate in developing. It is a breach of ethical codes of conduct, and in extension a source of great loss and redundancy to whole wide world.

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