Tips on Writing an Essay on Personal Experiences

What are Personal Essays?

Personal essays consist of details of or information based on your own personal experience about something that you want to share with others. You can tell your own inspirational story to your readers to inspire them or provide them an opportunity to learn from your experience. An essay on personal experience must not include lengthy details about your childhood and how you grew up it must consist of maximum 500 hundred words or else your readers may lose interest and may not read further. You can share any personal experience with your readers. It can be something related to positive impact a particular incident had on your life. While writing an essay on personal experience you must make sure that it must consist of a moral for the readers to make it worthwhile. Below are certain guidelines to follow to write interesting personal essays.

Be Precise

Your personal essay must not exceed the limit of 500 words at most as you can end up disengaging your readers from what you basically want to share with them. Make sure your personal essay is precise, highly engaging and interesting for the readers.

Tell Your Readers a Story

Personal essays are real life stories that happened to you or someone you know. You must not include fictitious incidents in your personal essays that have nothing to do with your own and other experiences and the readers may not relate to. Try to use objects and use examples to evoke imagination in the reader’s mind to make it more interesting.

Teach a Lesson

Try to avoid being a preacher or a guide by excluding words like must or should
for the readers. Just share your experience about a particular incident, and what you learnt from it. Readers will automatically find out the hidden moral.

Use Senses

Try to use senses to describe your experience of a particular incident. For example “I entered that room, and I saw a corpse lying in a pool of blood at the far end. The corpse was probably two days old and had decomposed badly causing a stingy odor making it difficult for me to breathe.”

Make it Highly Engaging

Try to be to the point from the beginning until the end. Make it highly engaging for the readers by sharing an ordinary experience that they can relate to from their own experiences. Avoid irrelevant details as to create flow for the readers.

By reading the above mentioned points you must have an idea by now on how to write an essay on a personal experience. Follow these guidelines to make your personal essays a success.

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