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Much of the American literature was greatly influenced by different historical periods, specific events and some personalities. Most of the publications on the American literature trace the path American narrative has followed from the pre-colonial times into the present through literary movements such as romanticism, realism and experimentation.

The literature is found in many forms – poetry, narratives, letters, speeches, religious tracts, political and commercial documents and diaries just to mention a few. It contains historic, religious, geography, economic and political events that tell the whole story of America from the pre-colonial times to the present. There are very many writers who have made the American literature relevant and exciting to read.

There are various approaches that one can consider using when writing the American literature essay. Some of the approaches are: Analytical, argumentative and descriptive approach. The approach selected is based on the style required to be adopt in writing your essay.

Tips on writing a good American literature essay

  • When writing an essay on the American literature, it is important to write it in the specific format and style specified. You need to include certain historic elements or landmarks that will indicate your profound understanding of the special terminologies related to the American literary works.
  • Be very objective and unbiased when writing your essay and incorporation complexity when writing to give your essay more thrill. Make it accurate, expressing and highly engaging to prompt the reader to read it.
  • Be very clear and logical in your writing to give your essay flow and validity. You need to have a clear understanding of the literature and show its richness and uniqueness when writing your essay. You require to possess great skill in making quotations from the literature and proficient with relevant academic writing styles necessary for your writing. Your ability to assess and evaluate the literature is very essential.
  • Avoid reproducing the information you have gathered from the literary works. Present your own point of view and be creative and unique. This will be achieved by presenting your essay from what you have evaluated and understood properly.
  • Gather as much information as possible on your selected topic. This should give you profound and in depth information that will assist you in writing a top score essay.

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At we have written thousands of essays for our customers. The main purpose of compare essay writing is to compare and contrast two or more different ideas, concepts or items. It makes use of arguments in bringing out the comparison. This can be done in two different ways. First, you may compare one item over the other and this is mostly used when the two items are of the same type. Second, you may opt to compare the two items without prejudice or biasness towards one or the other. It imposes direct separation of the two main subjects of interest.

A comparative essay is different from a contrasting essay in that it requires one to use both the differences and the similarities of the items being compared. On the other hand, a contrasting essay requires you to state only the differences between the subject being contrasted.

This essay follows the basic format of writing an essay – introduction, body and conclusion. Emphasis of a comparative essay lies in the body. Maintaining simplicity when writing your essay is crucial therefor, it is wise to keep your introduction as brief as possible. Your main aim of comparison should be stated in a thesis statement which can be re-stated in the conclusion for the reader to recall.

Develop the list of similarities and differences between the items in comparison. This aids it developing the draft or outline that will help in writing up the essay. Once you complete listing the similarities and differences, evaluate which outweighs the other. Create a theme statement or a thesis that reflects the relative weight, whether the differences outweigh the similarities or vice versa.

Develop the structure for your compare essay and select the method to use when developing your argument. This can be point by point comparison pattern where you find related points common to your items of comparison(juxtaposing) or use subject-by-subject method where u discuss all points of one item the describe the points of the other item separately. The second method is more useful where there are no points on the subject of comparison that relate to each other or where more than two subjects are being compared.

Some key points to note when writing a comparative essay:

  • Your comparison should be balanced-all issues discussed should be given importance without bias.
  • The conclusion should emphatically state your point in a convincing way which the reader will remember clearly. It should recount the what has been highlighted in the body
  • Give preference to more important ideas than to less important ideas. Leave more room to develop the main ideas.alt

The success of a comparative essay lies in the ability of the writer to bring out the elements of comparison in a rather captivating and creative manner to attract the interest of the reader. Comparative essay topics have no limit, they can be about anything that can be compared, items that can be matched up that exhibit attributes that can be related. With this tips, you are good to go in writing your comparative essay. With the help of our professional writers, comparative essay writing has been made easier and fun!!

Are you wondering How you can Write a High Quality Academic Scholarship Essay?

Writing a personal scholarship essay can be very cumbersome. Scholarship essays give an individual an opportunity to write about oneself in the first person, to help the assessor to understand the person and their suitability for the scholarship. Writing scholarship essays is a critical step in the application for a scholarship process. It is therefore important to write a good scholarship essay that will give you an upper hand in being selected from all other applicants.

Guidelines in writing a good scholarship essay

  • Brainstorm and use outlines: This is very important in understanding the subject matter by developing ideas on the selected topic. You can seek help from other people such as family and friends, personal reflection on your childhood, relate with your personal icons or role models as well as a review on your personal goals and objectives as a guide to help in generating ideas.
  • Refer to other scholarship essays: reading through winning scholarship essays will give you a feel of what is required or what the assessors are looking for in the essay. Nevertheless, be very careful not to copy other people’s work as this will lead to disqualification. If need be, it is important to properly reference or quote when using other people’s work.
  • Be creative and write the essay from the inner you: the easy should reflect who you are and not someone else. Putting yourself in the center of writing without deviating from the theme will give your scholarship essay a personal touch which the scholarship judges can relate you with.
  • Use proper language and the correct grammar: no matter how compelling your essay maybe, it is very important to ensure that it is free of grammatical errors to avoid disqualification. Do not ‘thesaurize’ your composition.
  • Follow the scholarship essay instruction and write your essay in the standard essay format. A basic format for writing an essay includes an introduction, three to four paragraphs that forms the body to support your introduction statement and the concluding paragraph. While writing, ensure you address the points asked for by the instructor.
  • Spend more time in your introduction. Use the introduction to grab the attention of the reader from the beginning. Do not summarize your introduction.Remember to make it intriguing or create some mystery.
  • Conclusions are very critical. The conclusion gives you a last chance to persuade the reader or impress the on your qualification for the scholarship available.
  • Use transition when writing your scholarship essay. This helps in preserving the logical flow when writing scholarship essays.
  • Get the opinion of a third part to proof read your work. This will help in eliminating all the errors be they logical or grammatical errors.
  • Avoid getting discouraged when your essay does not win. Keep writing more essays and improving on them. It will increase your chances of winning. centers its services on you, our esteemed clients, and offers highly personalised and high grade scholarship essays to give you an added advantage in your scholarship application. You do not have to worry about the price,it is fair and affordable!

buy essay offers an organization of your personal information into a full and complete business school admission essay. We provide unique for each individual and prioritize your personal information to create a memorable and effective admission essay. We will teach you how to structure and write your essay.

Competition for business school admission is fierce. That is why, when writing a business school admission essay, a perfect personal statement will give you the edge over hundreds or even thousands of university applicants. Your personal statement gives you a best chance and carries more weight in the admissions process than you may realize. Your best chance to stand out in the crowd is to relay the exceptional personal attributes of an effective and focused individual. Your admissions essay gives you an opportunity to show the committee how you are a unique, dynamic and effective person, committed to succeed in business.

Before you begin writing your business school admissions essay, put in mind what you can add to the institution. Factor in your strengths, weaknesses and what aspects of yourself you feel a business degree will help you to improve. It is also important to demonstrate your knowledge of the institution you are applying for. Admissions committees want to know about you in relation to their institution, not any general business school. Let your essay reflect directly on the programs, courses and extracurricular activities offered by each program that you are applying for.

Remember, do not underestimate the committee’s interest in your maturity and interpersonal strengths. Your character and motivation will be thoroughly scrutinized during the admission process. Take advantage and use your admissions essay not just for the individual attributes that you think they want to see, but also to sell your whole self.

A good Business school admission essay will factor in the following elements:

  • Leadership, politeness and ones character should carry more weight in your essay than your qualifications.
  • Write naturally but concisely. use simple sentences and your normal day vocabulary.
  • Get to the point quickly and reinforce it.
  • Avoid being arrogant when writing your admission essay. This will make the reader lose interest in reading the essay.
  • Write relevant and appropriate information. Avoid appearing irrelevant in your essay.
  • Avoid overuse of the first person-I.
  • Do not write negative things about others Write on topics you are passionate about.
  • Genuine enthusiasm is key in any essay.
  • When choosing a topic, select one that genuinely interests you Avoid heavy weight words and jargon. They may complicate your essay. Personalize your essay as much as is possible.
  • Write your own unique, funny and interesting experiences.

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We correct errors, both grammatical and logical, that writers of all levels overlook including omissions, additions, misstrokes (where a wrong character is typed), transpositions, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and verb tenses. Remember, even the most prolific writers make mistakes and there is nothing worse than a great piece of writing that has small but highly notable mistakes. So do not let your amazing work go unseen or unread because of some simple typos or other fixable errors.

We all want want our work to be read and given the attention it deserves, our prime goal is to write and get people to take time reading our work. Everyone wants to read a piece that flows and is cohesive.

Editing and proofreading are sometimes used by people interchangeably despite being two different stages in the revision process. Editing involves extensive rewriting of sentences and text. It is much more complicated as it also involves tasks associated with proofreading. It is done as soon as you finish your first draft. Proofreading on the other hand is the last step in going through a text to be sure it is presentable. It is considered as the final stage of the editing process, focusing on surface errors.

Why proofread and edit your work?

You must always re-read and rewrite your work several times to ensure your writing flows properly and the transition from one paragraph to the next is smooth and consistent. This will help make your work more understandable.

The main importance of proofreading and editing for clarity and consistency. It helps identify mistakes, no matter how minor they are, to prevent the reader from getting distracted or rejecting the message you want to deliver.

A well formatted, error free document conveys a positive message to the reader and a good image of the writer to the audience. Just submit your work to us on and enjoy a peace of mind. In a world where image is everything, hiring our services in premium editing and proofreading will have a great impact on your personal and professional success!! Transform your great ideas into your best writing ever!

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