Comparative Essay

At we have written thousands of essays for our customers. The main purpose of compare essay writing is to compare and contrast two or more different ideas, concepts or items. It makes use of arguments in bringing out the comparison. This can be done in two different ways. First, you may compare one item over the other and this is mostly used when the two items are of the same type. Second, you may opt to compare the two items without prejudice or biasness towards one or the other. It imposes direct separation of the two main subjects of interest.

A comparative essay is different from a contrasting essay in that it requires one to use both the differences and the similarities of the items being compared. On the other hand, a contrasting essay requires you to state only the differences between the subject being contrasted.

This essay follows the basic format of writing an essay – introduction, body and conclusion. Emphasis of a comparative essay lies in the body. Maintaining simplicity when writing your essay is crucial therefor, it is wise to keep your introduction as brief as possible. Your main aim of comparison should be stated in a thesis statement which can be re-stated in the conclusion for the reader to recall.

Develop the list of similarities and differences between the items in comparison. This aids it developing the draft or outline that will help in writing up the essay. Once you complete listing the similarities and differences, evaluate which outweighs the other. Create a theme statement or a thesis that reflects the relative weight, whether the differences outweigh the similarities or vice versa.

Develop the structure for your compare essay and select the method to use when developing your argument. This can be point by point comparison pattern where you find related points common to your items of comparison(juxtaposing) or use subject-by-subject method where u discuss all points of one item the describe the points of the other item separately. The second method is more useful where there are no points on the subject of comparison that relate to each other or where more than two subjects are being compared.

Some key points to note when writing a comparative essay:

  • Your comparison should be balanced-all issues discussed should be given importance without bias.
  • The conclusion should emphatically state your point in a convincing way which the reader will remember clearly. It should recount the what has been highlighted in the body
  • Give preference to more important ideas than to less important ideas. Leave more room to develop the main ideas.alt

The success of a comparative essay lies in the ability of the writer to bring out the elements of comparison in a rather captivating and creative manner to attract the interest of the reader. Comparative essay topics have no limit, they can be about anything that can be compared, items that can be matched up that exhibit attributes that can be related. With this tips, you are good to go in writing your comparative essay. With the help of our professional writers, comparative essay writing has been made easier and fun!!

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