Reflection Essay

  • What is a reflection essay?
  • How can i write a good reflection essay?
  • What are the contents of a reflection essay?

Reflection essays should show a writers personal experience on a selected event, piece of writing or life experience – something the writer has seen or heard. They are assigned to assess a student’s way of thinking, their opinion, learning and abstract abilities. Effective reflection essays requires a writer to use their mind, senses and logic to captivate readers and entice them to read more. Reflection essay have a philosophical character that most frequently leave no solid conclusion but aid in exploring ideas and opinions.

The topic of a reflection essay should be intriguing to captivate the reader, and very unique from what has already been written on by other writers. It should be sufficiently wide to provide the reader with a variety of rhetoric questions. The topic should raise questions in the mind of the reader that will sustain their desire to know more from the essay. Proper writing style, adequate linguistic tools and an analysis of the target audience will ensure the essay gets the attention it deserves.

Before writing a reflective essay, it is advisable to gather and make a list of all the relevant materials and sources that you will include in the essay. Properly format your essay to meet the guidelines. Adhere to one style of writing and be consistent throughout the essay.

Key factors to consider when writing a reflection essay are:

  • Learn broadly on the topic of interest and gather adequate information that will facilitate in writing up the essay.
  • Write up a draft or an outline to guide you in chronologically organizing your ideas on paper. This will assist in systematically building up your ideas in writing the essay.
  • Finally, internalize your ideas by immersing yourself in the situation and select your side of the argument. Make use of counter arguments to make the article more thrilling.

Getting a good grade has never been a crime. It is therefore important to give your reflection the good grade it deserves. We assist students in ensuring that they succeed in presenting their thoughts, ideas and observations with proper support from academic literature and resources in writing up a reflection essay. We make it easy for you to make readers know your viewpoint in a clear manner and support it with facts.

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