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An essay is a written passage specifically written on a given set topic. It has a wide variety of applications but its general basic outfit is usually the same. An essay may be written to argue in favor of a given point of view, or to argue against a given point of view, or to explain a certain concept or the steps involved in carrying out a particular procedure.

Essay writing is one of the simplest activities. It has a couple of basic steps which on following, the essay almost literally writes its self. The writer therefore is reduced to simply an idea supplier.

Every essay starts with the title. The writer has to decide on the topic of the essay. This has to give a general brief summary of the entire essay content. In some other cases, the title of the essay is given to the writer.

After deciding on the topic, the writer should prepare an outline or diagram of his ideas on the topic of the essay. He should put down a list of the main points on a rough paper. For every main point, he should jot down the sub points. These form the corner stone of the essay. They could be from the writer’s personal knowledge; from his experience; from classroom work or a conducted study and research on the topic.

Once the points and sub points have been put down, essay writing commences. The chosen title is written down at the top of the writing sheet. It should be in a unique format from the other characters of the essay. It is usually either underlined, or bolded, or italicized, or written in a different color, or even written with a bigger font size.

After writing the title, the first paragraph should be the introduction. This usually gives a definition of the main subject content. It prepares the reader for the flow of ideas in the main body of the essay. It is in a way a short expansion of the title of the essay. It gives the first impression to the reader and should therefore be written in clear language and legible characters or hand writing.

The main body of the essay follows the introduction. It can cover as many paragraphs as is deemed necessary for the given title. This can range from just a couple to hundreds of paragraphs, depending on the nature of the essay.

The length of the main body is dictated by the number of the main points initially put down in a rough paper. Each main point should be introduced in its own paragraph. The entire paragraph should be dedicated to expounding on the main point. This is done by introducing a sub point at a time and building on it.

There are some cases where a given main point has several sub points. In this case, the main point is elaborated in more than just one paragraph. In this case the writer has to be careful not to get mixed up with his ideas. It is common for writers to engage in repetitions and unnecessary omissions. The rough points and sub points are thus written in the order of priority, and the order should be adhered to during the actual essay writing.

Finally, every essay should end with a conclusion. The entire last paragraph should be dedicated to summing up the whole point being developed in the essay and in some cases should make reference to the title.

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