Business School offers an organization of your personal information into a full and complete business school admission essay. We provide unique for each individual and prioritize your personal information to create a memorable and effective admission essay. We will teach you how to structure and write your essay.

Competition for business school admission is fierce. That is why, when writing a business school admission essay, a perfect personal statement will give you the edge over hundreds or even thousands of university applicants. Your personal statement gives you a best chance and carries more weight in the admissions process than you may realize. Your best chance to stand out in the crowd is to relay the exceptional personal attributes of an effective and focused individual. Your admissions essay gives you an opportunity to show the committee how you are a unique, dynamic and effective person, committed to succeed in business.

Before you begin writing your business school admissions essay, put in mind what you can add to the institution. Factor in your strengths, weaknesses and what aspects of yourself you feel a business degree will help you to improve. It is also important to demonstrate your knowledge of the institution you are applying for. Admissions committees want to know about you in relation to their institution, not any general business school. Let your essay reflect directly on the programs, courses and extracurricular activities offered by each program that you are applying for.

Remember, do not underestimate the committee’s interest in your maturity and interpersonal strengths. Your character and motivation will be thoroughly scrutinized during the admission process. Take advantage and use your admissions essay not just for the individual attributes that you think they want to see, but also to sell your whole self.

A good Business school admission essay will factor in the following elements:

  • Leadership, politeness and ones character should carry more weight in your essay than your qualifications.
  • Write naturally but concisely. use simple sentences and your normal day vocabulary.
  • Get to the point quickly and reinforce it.
  • Avoid being arrogant when writing your admission essay. This will make the reader lose interest in reading the essay.
  • Write relevant and appropriate information. Avoid appearing irrelevant in your essay.
  • Avoid overuse of the first person-I.
  • Do not write negative things about others Write on topics you are passionate about.
  • Genuine enthusiasm is key in any essay.
  • When choosing a topic, select one that genuinely interests you Avoid heavy weight words and jargon. They may complicate your essay. Personalize your essay as much as is possible.
  • Write your own unique, funny and interesting experiences.

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